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From Zero to Job!

17 26 Dec, 2017

The news article is in Tamil. Please use Google Translate to read it in the language you are comfortable with. We provide a brief summary here.


The Suyam Foundation, a voluntary organization founded in 1999 with the aim of rescuing children living in typhoid, and children from families living by begging, and providing them with a quality education.

“We offer free education at Suyam. They have to borrow money to go to work, earn money and pay it back. We do our best to help the job. We intend to help other students with it. We have named this project ‘Zero to Job’” says Dr. Uma, Founder and Trustee of the Suyam Foundation. For this purpose, the organization is running the Wing Montessori School at Palavedu Pettai near Avadi, Chennai.

One such student ‘Jayavel’ proved that he can read if given the opportunity in some of the children who have started their education with them. Today he is studying Aircraft Maintenance Engineering at Fast Aviation in the Philippines.

Dasarathan, who was rescued as a child laborer in a brick kiln, attended government school until the fifth standard, and attended the Montessori School in sixth grade. 9th to 12th grade NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling). Today he has graduated as a medical student from the Crimean Medical State University in Russia.

Surya, the son of a fruit seller on the train, is another talented student. He is now studying B.Tech at the NIFTEM Educational Institute in Haryana to become a Food Technologist.

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