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Campaign to sponsor a teacher at Siragu

  • Date :06 Jul, 2019
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Teachers play a vital role in every school. In Siragu, every teacher is special as they deal the most disadvantaged deprived children rescued from begging, child labor and various other communities. Suyam respect all the Teachers in the Universe. Your support to ‘Sponsor A Teacher’ campaign can bring greater impact.

Unfortunately, in India, lakhs of people are deprived of basic needs, a decent life, knowledge and denied basic right to live. Suyam is attempting to improve their status through education.

This school was established in 2003 to give FREE EDUCATION to the most underprivileged Children. It started with 34 kids and now student strength has gone above 500. The children primarily come from begging community, street children, bonded laborers, from single parent families and disadvantaged communities. The school accommodates 125 residential children.

Books, Transport, Uniform, Food , everything is given free so that the children get education, who are the first generation learners.

Attention is given not only to the children, but also to their families and their community so that the growth is holistic.


  • To provide the best possible education to the poor and needy

  • Develop & deploy innovative and effective educational tools customised for poor and disadvantaged communities

  • Endeavour to provide free education from primary until University level

  • To continuously look at ways & means to develop disadvantaged communities

Siragu Montessori School has grown steadily over the years and are catering to 500+ children, who otherwise would have been begging on the streets , or been in some brick kiln as bonded laborer, or roaming in the street aimlessly drawn to criminal activities , or been subject to child marriages or sexual abuse.

Now, through Suyam, they are getting quality education and can dream big.

Five batches have already passed 12th standard and are into various institutions pursuing higher studies and 250 families have been rehabilitated from begging and into normal livelihood, plying autos and as vendors.

Bank details

From within India (ICICI)

Bank: ICICI Bank Limited
Bank Address: 84, NSC Bose Road, Sowcarpet, Chennai 600079
Account No: Saving Bank A/c No: 603101272985
Account Name: Suyam Charitable Trust

From within India (SBI)

Bank: State Bank of India
Bank Address: M K B Nagar, Chennai
Account No: 10186487064
Account Name: Suyam Charitable Trust

From abroad

Bank: State Bank of India (Branch code: 00691)
Bank Address: FCRA Cell, 4th Floor, SBI New Delhi Main Branch, 11, Sansad Marg, New Delhi 110001
Account No: 40136242314 (FCRA savings account)
Account Name: Suyam Charitable Trust

SUYAM Charitable Trust was started and formally registered under Trust Act (Regn. No.1163/99) in August 1999. Donations to this NGO have 50% tax exemption for Indian donors.