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Kalvi sevai: Nettru thalaiyil sengal…Inru kazuthil stethoscope.

20 04 Feb, 2020

The news article is in Tamil. Please use Google Translate to read it in the language you are comfortable with. We provide a brief summary here.

My Journey

In 2005 my brother and I came to Siragu Montessori School. We were working with the family in the brick kiln. Madam Uma and Muthuraman told our parents that we were sending our children to school together. But my parents were reluctant to send us to Chennai. Our boss encouraged them and told us to go and study.

The trainings I received at the Siragu Montessori School of Natural Walking and Learning Through the Process made education one of my favorites. We wrote the tenth exam under the International Curriculum. I got a score of 1047 in the twelfth grade.

At first I just wanted to go to Japan and study. I did not go there to study because my parents knew that there would be frequent tsunamis. I wanted to be a doctor. I told my choice to the self-administrators. According to their arrangement, I went to Ukraine to study medicine.

Everyone gets home sick. School Siktan came to me. I was very upset. “If it’s too difficult there, come on. Your life is in your hands,” said our teacher Uma. In the freezing cold of -25 C, I put aside the practical difficulties and focused on the study.

Dasarathan has now graduated from the National Institute of Open Schooling with a six-year degree in medicine at the Crimean Medical State University in Russia and studied at the MCI in Delhi.

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