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Thank you cards by Siragu children.


Children are our Creative Guru. At Siragu, we ask the children to draw pictures with more imagination. It is also a class room activity and all the children participate in this. We were love to see the way they expressed their thoughts into action.

Whenever a guest drop into the school, they prepare a gift on their own, by picking up the leaves of trees and plants and make use of scrap materials available in the school.

Recently we cleaned the place and kept all our belongings in one room, that time two foreign guest have come to the school". “Children turned with gift with good packing and when guest got surprised to open it, there are lots of old teddy bear toys inside”. “All of us thrilled with excitement and appreciated the group of children who did this job and respect their affection shown to other person.

They themselves designed their ‘thank you’ cards and we send the same to the donors along with the donation receipt. Look at some of the thank you cards shown here and may be some of them are already at your hand.