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Michaung Relief - Serving With Love


In the wake of Cyclone Michaung, Chennai and its neighboring districts have been severely affected. The relentless rains have led to widespread waterlogging, disrupting life in the city. Amidst this adversity, the Suyam Charitable Trust has emerged as a beacon of hope.

Suyam has been a pillar of support for the under-privileged with a mission to provide quality education and develop innovative educational tools for marginalised communities, has been a ray of light in these dark times.

As the cyclone wreaked havoc, we extended our services beyond education. Providing food & essential supplies to the nomadic tribes affected by the cyclone. This act of kindness was not just about meeting basic needs, but also about preserving their dignity and resilience.

Suyam’s efforts didn’t stop there but continued to reach out to more communities, providing food and aid. Each food packet distributed was a symbol of hope, a reassurance that they were not alone.