Siragu provides Montessori inspired innovative education (LKG to XII std) to children from families who have been begging, scavenging, farming, pig farming, manufacturing or working in brick kilns for generations.

At Siragu we encourage students to learn and express themselves independently, and thus bring out their inherent potentials. In our child-centered and child-friendly school we recognize that children are persons in their own right. We listen to them, accept them, recognize their emotions, and learn from them. We pay attention to each child, identifying her/his potential while at the same time letting the child take its own path to fulfilling these potentials.

Education System of SIRAGU

Recognized by

Bharathamatha Nursery & Primary School

Suyam Trust, through Barathamatha Primary School, endures to provide a friendly and compassionate atmosphere to them by way of various student friendly educational methods to ensure the growing enthusiasm in them not only to prevent dropouts in the secondary education but also to enable them be interested to pursue higher education.

Women Empowerment Program

Poor & Destitute Women are well motivated to gain confidence to overcome challenges to lead their life, learn to excel their tailoring skills and earn.

Projects at Nagapattinam

Suyam Home

Apart from the activities of primary education, a small home by the name Suyam Home is being run for the children of different ages who are faced with various kinds of challenges in their lives.


Nadaipathai Pookkal Program (Flowers of the Pavement)

In 1999 we adopted around 50 families who have settlements in Palavedu Pettai but have been residing for thirty years in pavements around Kilpauk Water Tank. These families have been forced into begging to make ends meet due to various social problems. The community in Kilpauk and Palavedu Pettai now have access to education, child care, medical facilities (including family planning counselling), counselling for de-addiction and resolution of family problems. We also seek to empower them through employment generation (self and external employment) schemes and by setting up self-help groups.

Our main activity in the community has been education for the children.

Free Tuition Centres

We have two tuition centres in Palavedu Pettai and one centre at Suyam office to provide free tuition to economically deprived students from 1st to 12th standard. We plan to extend this to a minimum of 20 centers in the coming years.

Post Secondary Education

We identify higher secondary school students who lack monetary support but show potential for higher education, and provide for their education.


Siragu Montessori School is involved in projects that help adults in Palavedu Panchayat change their means of livelihoods, and thus their lifestyles, to be able to lead lives of dignity and respect. This is a way of making the school the center of community development, and of involving parents in the school and in their children's lives and education.

Our empowerment projects include Self Help groups, Push Cart program in Shastri Nagar, Palavedu Panchayat, and Tailoring training in Palavedu Panchayat and Mint, and Phenyl Making training in Palavedu Panchayat and Veerapuram.


Suyam tries to create awareness about social work, student involvement in social work, social issues especially those relating to beggary, and self awareness among students, social workers, physically and/or mentally challenged people and the general public. We also celebrate various occasions to spread social awareness.


We organize health camps in various urban, rural and slum areas. The camps include medical camps, blood donation camps, cataract operation camps, eye donation camps, and nutrition and hygiene camps. We also visit and counsel AIDS patients.


We assist, guide, and refer people to various organizations after identifying their specific needs. We also donate materials like hearing aids and wheel chairs besides providing educational support.


We provide a bridge course to 50 students, during the six months that these children spend with their parents in the brick kilns in and around Palavedu Panchayat. We also rescued a child working in handloom industry in Kanchipuram, and another child working in steel factory in Wall Tax Road.


We plant trees, undertake ways to preserve water and recycle waste water, and try to promote organic farming in Pakkam, near Thiruninravur.


We assist many people in need, in whatever ways we can, as and when we come across them.


We visit homes, spend time with people-children and old people-put up recreation and awareness activities, and donate materials (such as medicine). We have visited SC/ST Hostel, Anandam Old Age Home, Little Hearts, Little Drops, Mahalakshmi Foundation, Nethrodhaya, Anbagam, Sevalaya Old Age Home, Bala Gurukulam, Anna Anadhai Illam, Amar Seva Sangam (Tirunelvelli), Jeevan Gnanodhaya (Chengalpet), Rajiv Gandhi Handicapped Rehabilitation Home (Pondicherry), Vishranti Old Age Home and Seva Chakra.